Travel Like a Passionist


[noun; male, female, diverse]
A Passionist loves life, travelling, meaningful encounters and unforgettable experiences.

A Passionist enjoys the extraordinary, stays in special, well-selected places and is curious about people and their culture. A Passionist is mindful, conquers new horizons and marvels at the natural wonders of this earth. Thrilled by impressive experiences and inspired by human encounters, a Passionist is an insatiable world explorer and storyteller. A Passionist cherishes, cultivates and shares the memory of experiences made along the journey. Moments of happiness, discoveries, new perspectives, and perhaps even groundbreaking decisions. Moments when life feels “real.” That’s what travel is all about, and that’s the enthusiasm that drives a Passionist in discovering this world.


and discover the world’s most stunning places.

Your customized luxury travel experience

Inspiring places. Enchanting hotels. Amazing experiences. With The Passionist Traveller you will discover the world in a sophisticated, mindful and surprising way. We leave nothing to chance, because your luxury journey is tailored to your needs down to the very last detail. We accompany you from the first tailor-made offer until your return. We take care of the planning and organization, while you can look forward to your holiday and enjoy your trip along the way.

A CURATED portfolio

In the search for your dream trip, our expertise begins where the almost limitless selection of online travel portals leaves you clueless. Our Passion Places are handpicked and personally curated – out of experience and conviction. Uncompromising in ambience, location, facilities and comfort. These criteria form the basis for our selection in which we are as demanding as we are uncompromising. To make a trip truly special, we also rely on our “local heroes”: our local partners who share our philosophy and go the extra mile for you with us. By this, a hotel is not just a place to sleep, but becomes an essential element of your trip – with all its facets, its history and its hosts, who welcome you to their world.

A focus on human connections

In the most impressive places and in the most dazzling hotels of this world, it is ultimately the human encounters that leave their marks on us. A tiny little moment in a safari camp in Botswana, where the story of the housekeeper inspires you. The bright smile of the Indian cook in the Maldives, who feels like being at home for a moment while serving a breakfast chai after his grandmother’s recipe. These moments are priceless and invaluable. It is our local partners – the people – who transform your destination into what we call a true “Passion Place”. With dedication and a sense for detail that goes beyond service standards. This is what a Passionist is looking for when travelling: the personal touch and even the beauty that lies in imperfection. Whether old or young, traveling alone or with loved ones – our travelers are explorers who love to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and let themselves be conquered by people and their stories. We are particularly proud of these experiences, which our customers take home with them into their lives.

Room for the unexpected

When choosing your destination, we always look for the perfect “ensemble” of comfort, service and stunning experiences. Like us, our clients take great pleasure in the process of the creative and careful planning of a trip. But it is also a matter close to our hearts to create space for your very own story while traveling. For example, by consciously scheduling free time on a round trip that gives you the opportunity to make your own discoveries. Or by organizing an excursion without revealing in advance what awaits you in detail. With trust and a curious spirit, we access complete new levels on your trip – passion par excellence!

Curious about our passion places and cruises?

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