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Inspiring places. Enchanting hotels. Amazing experiences. How do some people always seem to know about these before you?

They booked with The Passionist!

We are your personal travel designers. A team of passionate experts for bespoke luxury travel experiences. As a Virtuoso member agency, we are recognized as being one of the top travel companies worldwide. We offer you access to our network of luxury hotels, exclusive villas, cruise lines and destination specialists that allows us to upgrade your trip with insider knowledge, exclusive amenities and an outstanding personalized service. Being based in Germany – in the heart of Europe – we bring German precision and efficiency as well as cosmopolitan flair, knowledge, and creativity to your next vacation. Travel is eye-opening and exciting, and we think the planning should be every bit as inspiring too. At The Passionist you will enjoy a professional and creative travel planning experience. We listen carefully to your requirements, interjecting our expertise to really make your trip unique for you. But where to start? And where to go when we feel we’ve already seen it all? This is exactly what we love exploring with you. Equipped with our network, extensive travel experience and endless passion for outstanding experiences, we know exactly which strings to pull behind the scenes to make you marvel and smile at even the most remote places in the world.

Europe, Africa and Asia – our passion and expertise

Having seen quite a bit of this wonderful planet, we came to realize, that some places make our hearts beat a little louder than others. We call them our “Passion Places” and most of them can be found either in Africa, Asia and Europe. Why? Well, we could break the answer down to a thousand single stories. Whether it is that goosebump moment of the first encounter with a wild lion in the bush or the endless hours of chatting with the owner of a tiny little restaurant in a hidden street of Bangkok, using hands and feet (and google translate) to make sure that not a single word gets lost. Or getting a bit tipsy with red wine in a mild Italian summer night, enjoying the best pasta and pizza you ever had in your entire life. Countless stories – each of them a love letter to life and travel. Stories which have been written in the African wilderness, in the melting pot of Asian cultures or the vast diversity of European history, cities and landscapes. Transforming our travel stories into bespoke journeys through Africa, Asia and Europe has become our passion and, consequently, our expertise. Let’s get in touch to find the place that make your heartbeat louder and write your very own travel story.



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