The Passionist and Team


René Roseburg
Managing Director & Founder

An almost insatiable wanderlust and curiosity about the surprising moments between the scripted lines. With a creative background of singing and acting with several successful years on stage, René Roseburg discovered his passion for redefining luxury travel concepts in over 10 years in Aviation (Lufthansa, Swiss and Swiss Private Aviation) and traveling through more than 60 countries and founded the brand THE PASSIONIST in 2016. As one of the leading Luxury Travel Designers, René Roseburg sends travelers looking for the extraordinary to the hidden gems far away from the mainstream. His network and experience as a luxury hotel coach are always incorporated into the selection and creation of luxury trips. Mindfulness retreats are another passion of the certified Somatic Coach, which take place annually in spectacular locations: from the Scottish Highlands to the vastness of the African savannah.


“Asia and Africa have shaped my travel ethos, my unbound curiosity about exploring and to learning from any encounter out there. From nightly chats at the fire on the bush, listening to the stories of the Maasai. From being in Myanmar back in the days when I rarely met any other western traveler and from the very touching moments in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, where I learned how welcoming, proud and caring the locals invited me to join their Diwali festival. Routing back to my background as a professional musician and my stage life as a singer, creativity and curiosity have always been my drive – and my strength. I traveled from North to South, from East to West on these beautiful continents and to see you exploring these regions in your very own way, guided by THE PASSIONIST, makes me the happiest person.”

Your Travel Passionists

We are a small, passionate team of travel experts. We’ve worked in the industry for many years but more importantly, travelled extensively. In our team of Travel Designers around Founder and Owner René Roseburg, you will find your “partner in crime” for your travel needs. When it comes to individual luxury travel, we move things forward in unexpected and creative ways. A Passionist listens and accompanies you from the first inspiration to the return from your journey.

The Passionist & Team

René Roseburg
Managing Director & Founder

Marco Odenthal
Director of Sales Travel Design /
Head of Villas & Rentals

Elisabeth Spiekenheuer
Travel Designer

Samaneh Szymiczek
Private Travel Designer

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