Travel Like a Passionist


[noun; male, female, diverse]

A Passionist loves life, travelling, meaningful encounters and unforgettable experiences. A Passionist enjoys the extraordinary, stays in special, well-selected places and is curious about people and their culture. A Passionist is mindful, conquers new horizons and marvels at the wonders of this earth. Thrilled by impressive experiences and inspired by human encounters, a Passionist is an insatiable world explorer and storyteller. A Passionist cherishes, cultivates, and shares precious travel memories. Moments of happiness, discoveries, new perspectives, and perhaps even groundbreaking decisions. Moments when life feels “real”. That’s what travel is all about, and that’s the enthusiasm that drives a Passionist to explore the world.

travel like a passionist

What your bespoke journey will look like

When choosing your destination, we always look for the perfect “ensemble” of comfort, service and stunning experiences. From the warm welcoming smile at the air bridge when you just landed through your fast lane service at the airport and a comfortable private transfer all the way to the welcome drink in your hotel with that amazing sea view. Every little detail of your journey is planned with care and utmost attention, so you will arrive with the good feeling of having made the right choice. With us, you will see a destination in a different light – through the lens of a Passionist – and discover its secrets and surprises. We believe in going where others might not, offering experiences and encounters that shatter the surface and afford our travelers the very best. Your experience will be crafted especially for you, so you will explore your destination on a private, customized basis with lots of flexibility, lots of insights and – not to forget – lots of fun! Our local partners provide us with real time news and updates, so you’re in safe hands and with a local English-speaking team at all times to assist – always ready to go that extra mile and take that extra turn. Perfectly crafted itineraries are great but we also love creating some space for you to relax and make your own discoveries. Hence, we will always encourage you to head out, explore and connect on your own. Or to just unwind and enjoy your amazing hotel. Are you up for a new challenge or need to disconnect from the world for a while? We will make sure that you will find the right place and the best people to take care of your needs and create that transformative experience you are longing for.

where you will stay

Having seen quite a bit of this wonderful planet, we came to realize, that some places make our hearts beat a little louder than others. We call them our “Passion Places” and these are exactly the places we wish for you to explore. Our destinations and hotels are handpicked and personally curated – based on experience and deep conviction. All with an amazing location, a unique ambience, high-quality facilities and utmost comfort – these criteria form the basis for our selection in which we are as demanding as we are uncompromising. To fulfill your travel dreams, we work directly with hotels and use the services of well-selected local suppliers – our “local heroes”  who share our philosophy and go the extra mile for you with us. For us, a hotel is not just a place to sleep, but an essential element of your trip where you will be welcomed by passionate hosts and immerse yourself in local culture and first-class hospitality. We are proud partners of the most renowned luxury hotel brands (learn more) and we passionately collaborate with intimate, individual hotels who can be considered as the true hidden gems of a destination.

what You can expect from our destinations

We are specialized in customized journeys through Europe, Africa and Asia (learn more). We have travelled these regions ourselves and work only with companies and service providers who share our passion for quality and custimized services. When travelling, it is very important for you to explore, understand and respect the cultural differences between your home country and the destination you visit. Especially in some African and Asian countries things might be very different to what you know from your home. People might have some different priorities and live a different life. In many regions, the pace of life is slower, and things might work a bit different than you are accustomed to. What we’ve learned and what we would like to share with you is the conviction that you’ll get the most out of your trip if you just go with the flow and an open mind. After all, isn’t experiencing something different the reason why you’re visiting a new country?

whom You will meet on your journey

When we travel, it’s mostly the human encounters that leave special marks on us. A tiny little moment in a safari camp in Botswana, where the story of the barkeeper inspires you. The bright smile of the Spa Manager in Thailand, who shares her story while giving you one of the best massages ever after listening carefully to your needs. These moments are priceless! It’s these people who transform a hotel into what we call a true “Passion Place”. With dedication and a sense for detail that goes beyond service standards. This is what a Passionist is looking for when travelling. The same applies when it comes to exploring your destination. For us, the best way to experience a foreign destination is to immerse yourself with the locals. People from whom you will hear real stories and learn about their life and culture. That’s why we select our guides and service providers very carefully, always on the quest for authenticity, humanity and genuine hospitality.

what you will take back home

Whether old or young, traveling alone or with loved ones – our travelers are connoisseurs, gourmets, and explorers. They love to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and let themselves be conquered by nature, people, and their stories. You might fall in love with the amazing sea view from your bed or the sound of silence under the clear night sky in the desert. You might get excited about the traditions and festivals of a foreign culture and the taste of unknown flavors. You shall bring a suitcase full of Moroccan spices or fabulous French dresses. Eventually, you will gain some new perspectives from the people you’ve met and maybe you will even experience one of these magic moments, when your heart beats louder and your soul is filled with happiness and gratitude. Some memories will travel back home with you in your suitcase, some of them will stay in your heart forever. These are the memories we are passionate about and that we are particularly proud of.

Are you a passionist?

Fantastic! Welcome to our amazing world of travel experiences! 

Let’s get in touch to find the place that make your heartbeat louder and write your very own travel story.

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