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Your benefits of booking your luxury journey with us

Travel often means adventure, going into the unknown; but it shouldn’t mean you end up feeling short-changed or disappointed. We’ve heard countless tales of holiday let-downs: the tour operators who didn’t deliver, the agents with no local insights or contacts. We would like to share what we do to make a difference. To create the perfect trip and add the special touches to the long-awaited family experiences and bucket-list getaways.

It's all about you

Your trip is like no other. This is our mantra according to which we approach each and every trip we plan. They are all the most important as it is your vacation time, your time to explore, to be together as a couple or as family. We know your time is precious and that is why your trip is like no other! With our deep understanding of the destinations and our vast experience in the travel industry, we shall handcraft a perfect journey just for you, making sure you find the hidden gems of each country. Travel planning by The Passionist is about creating bespoke experiences, the ones you won’t find in any usual brochures. We’ll work out what makes you tick to tailor your trip. Not just based on budget and time, but what you really care about. That way, you’ll arrive at your destination knowing you have made the right choice, not discovering what’s missing and being trapped on a relentless tour with no freedom to explore.

expertise, Creativity and special attention

We are a passionate team of travel designers. We’ve worked in the industry for many years but more importantly, we travel extensively and know most of our destinations and hotel partners personally. We are on the road for you all year round, visiting the most innovative trade fairs in the luxury travel industry to track down trends and new openings and to maintain personal contact with our partners. And we poke our curious noses into destinations that might not be on your radar – always on the lookout for that special something with which we can surprise you even when you feel you have already seen it all. Be ready to be inspired to travel to a place you’ve not heard about. As a Virtuoso member agency, we are recognized as being one of the top travel companies worldwide, offering you access to our amazing network of luxury hotels, cruise lines and destination specialists. That allows us to upgrade your experience with insider knowledge, exclusive amenities and an outstanding personalized service. Being based in Germany – in the heart of Europe – we bring German precision and efficiency as well as cosmopolitan flair, knowledge, and creativity to your next vacation.

Meet our team

efficient planning

Planning a vacation is exciting but let’s be honest: It also consumes a great amount of time. And it goes far beyond finding the “best deal”. Especially when you are looking for the extraordinary, the “one size fits all” solutions from many online providers often leave you with too many questions and concerns. Does this product really suit me? Can I rely on the ratings? Which providers can I trust for flights, transfers and activities? Is there perhaps something else for me that can’t be found online? We remove these questions and concerns, by basing your trip on your needs and our expertise. With our local partners, we have the real lowdown on the ground. If something matters to you, we will have the answer. We accompany you from the first customized offer all the way to the return from your journey. We take care of the planning and organization, while you can relax and look forward to your vacation.

A seemless travel experience

People often say they can plan their own trip and we are sure that many could. But we know we can deliver so much more than just a holiday. We provide a complete experience covering more than you knew was possible. It’s about being one step ahead of the crowds, having a personally selected guide that shares his local knowledge or being whisked away to a private luxury tented camp just for you in a Cambodian jungle, taking a sea kayak to a private island for a romantic dinner as the sun sets on a glistening sea. Getting to destinations is the easy part, when it comes to having unique and memorable moments, that’s when we come into the picture. We interject our local knowledge to bring your ideas alive and create a seemless travel concept that includes accommodatiion, private transfers and tailormade experiences. Our local partners provide us with real time news and updates, so you’re always in safe hands and with a local English-speaking team at all times to assist. Because we know when you need someone, they need to understand you. Put your trust in The Passionist and let us show you why so many others trust us with their travel arrangements.

We are by your side

Despite the best planning, life sometimes takes unforeseen paths and so it may happen that you need assistance during your trip. Maybe for a spontaneous change in your itinerary or an extension in your new favorite hotel. But sometimes there are also external circumstances that make a change necessary at short notice. With a Passionist by your side, you always have a secret weapon for the unexpected. You can enjoy your trip while we take care of getting you back on track. Relax, you’re in safe hands with The Passionist.

So, why should you book with one of Europe’s elite travel companies?

Being centrally located in Germany, we offer a unique proposition. We can be available for you whenever you need us. But more than that, we are located in the hub for travel. With all of Europe as our backyard, we explore the region on a daily basis to bring you more news. With Africa a short flight away and Asia just around the corner we really are in the prime position to bring you the very best of East & West. We are famous for our German reliability, with our passion and flair to explore and share our findings far and wide. We know how to travel and we know to handle your future travels. Booking with Europe’s elite is a guarantee that your next vacation will be the best one yet.

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