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Having seen quite a bit of this wonderful planet, we came to realize that some places make our hearts beat a little louder than others. We call them our “Passion Places” and most of them can be found either in Africa, Asia and Europe. Why? Well, we could break the answer down to a thousand single stories. Whether it is that goosebump moment of the first encounter with a wild lion in the bush or the endless hours of chatting with the owner of a tiny little restaurant in a hidden street of Bangkok, using hands and feet (and google translate) to make sure that not a single word gets lost. Or getting a bit tipsy with red wine in a mild Italian summer night, enjoying the best pasta and pizza you ever had in your entire life. Countless stories – each of them a love letter to life and travel. Stories which have been written in the African wilderness, in the melting pot of Asian cultures or the vast diversity of European history, cities and landscapes. Transforming these stories into bespoke journeys in Africa, Asia and Europe has become our passion and, consequently, our expertise.

We are privileged to be based in the heart of Europe. With Africa a short flight away and Asia just around the corner we really are in the prime position to bring you the very best of East & West and know how to link every stop along the journey for you to enjoy a seamless trip filled with the most memorable experiences. Let’s get in touch to find the place that make your heartbeat louder and write your very own travel story.


Our home. We live in the heart of Europe and love our neighbors. With all of Europe as our backyard, we explore the region on a daily basis to research new Passion Places and hidden gems.  Whether it be at one of the most remote luxury arctic lodge in Finish-Lapland, in one of the best European restaurants in Slovenia or at a beautiful urban legendary hotel in Rome, you will always feel THE PASSIONIST roots. Europe offers so much variety, from the wild Azores to the beautiful Greek islands and the stunning Amalfi Coast and Tuscan Hills of Italy. Europe is our very own playground, and we would love to welcome you here.


Our sense of place. A paradise of scents, sunsets, wildlife, beaches and the most stunning colors of mother nature. Africa is one of our biggest passions and we explored for you the most remote beach beauties from Mozambique up to Sao Tomé & Principe. “Wild sage” is one of the most inspiring scents of the bush and whether in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania, you will explore your very own scent of Africa in these amazing destinations. Not to forget the unexpected hidden gems of Morocco and Egypt. Have you ever traveled on an old Nomad route through the Sahara and being spoiled by luxury camps and village houses? Travel with THE PASSIONIST and feel the difference.


Our muse. With a beguiling mix of some of the best beaches, world-famous cuisine, vibrant cities, rich history, lush and countryside filled with rice paddies, tropical forests and agricultural villages, Asia has a magnetic attraction that is impossible to resist. We have spent many years exploring far flung corners of this truly amazing region. You can be assured that wherever it is you wish to travel, our Travel Designers will be able to bring their own experiences and the best local contacts to help setting up your trip. Want to know the best local spot for an egg coffee in Vietnam? We know the place and yes, it is a real local speciality! Or discover the temples in Cambodia with a local historian? Yes, we have the guy you want! Be treated to Thailand’s best noodles? We have their address. And so much more…. It all depends on where you want to go and what YOU want to see.

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Fantastic! Welcome to our amazing world of travel experiences! 

Let’s get in touch to find the place that make your heartbeat louder and write your very own travel story.

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