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The Passionist Traveller is a member of Virtuoso – the world's leading network in the luxury travel industry

Virtuoso is the world’s leading network of travel agents and luxury travel suppliers whose shared philosophy is to create exceptional experiences for discerning travelers. This network brings together nearly 20.000 of the world’s most sought-after travel advisors and more than 1.800 elite travel companies, from five-star hotel groups and renowned cruise lines to boutique properties and high-end adventure travel outfitters around the world. For close-to-home escapes or far-flung trips of a lifetime, a Virtuoso advisor is your resource for the insight you need to plan a safe, successful, and unforgettable vacation. When you plan a trip with The Passionist, you’re unlocking a world of in-the-know expertise, unbelievable travel perks, and access to a well-edited portfolio of the best brands in the business.

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